Cell Ignite – The mystery of Sacred Sight Hydrosol

SACRED SIGHT – A visionary Hydrosol- A limited production






Let Sacred Sight assist you in dropping down deep into awareness quickly and alow the pure presence of your Higher Self-God Source to guide on your journey inward.


I have created a very special essence that is a limited unique blend of pure crystalline Selenite from the telluric grid lines connected to the giant Selenite crystals discovered in Naica, Mexico. These are the largest crystals known found in the world today. The Selenite crystals (over 1,000,000 years old) and the root portion of the wild-crafted Spikenard grown in the Kullu valley of the Himalayas in India at 12,000 ft., were combined and distilled in a crystal vessel.


The intuition behind this purpose was to create something that would bring in the paradox of the energies of pure white light, water fire or Starwater, birthed in the darkness of Gaia’s womb, and the pure granite and crystalline mountains of the Himalayas carrying the dark rich roots of Spikenard.


Much thought has gone into attempting to understand why Gaia has placed these crystals in our consciousness now and what was the purpose of creating them 1 million years ago? Most of my pursuit of obtaining answers has come from meditation and alone time spent in nature.


There have been gem elixirs but not a combination of a mineral distilled with plants and/or their roots to create a hydrosol.  A water solution used in ancient Egypt.


This special limited edition was infused with templates of photos from the Giant Crystal Caves of Naica, surrounded by original pieces from the caves themselves, and music created with 50 compressed sound files embedded in the music that was sourced from Shamans in caves, lovers in tantric sex, meditation by Yogis, and Ayahuasca journeys led by a Shaman. This music is found on my splash page when you enter the site: www.thecrystalgiants.com


Hydrosol means hydro – water and sol – solution. Water Solution!


The Spikenard of India, Nardostachys jatamansi, produces a beautiful green or chocolate colored oil, which eloquently speaks of the high mountain environs from which it comes. The rich, mysterious, earthy constituents mingle with a soft warm spicyness which is balm to the heart and soul. It captures in itself something of the spirit of those places which have been sacred places of devotion for countless centuries. The Himalayan ranges of Nepal, India and Burma provide the natural habitat for this botancial gem which has been revered both in east and west for many centuries. The spikenard used in the hydrosol is from the Kullu Valley of the Himalayas.


Ancient Egyptians used hydrosols (floral waters) for their healing and aesthetic properties. The waters carried the frequency of planets and flowers and were very powerful in healing the physical body. It was only in the Renaissance period that people adapted to the usage of oils. This was likely because the waters carried over long distances made it less than economical.


After distillation, the hydrosol was lovingly carried out into nature exposed to moon and sun cycles for 6 months starting in January of 2010. Crystals create amplification to whatever they are responding to. What a powerful year this has been so far for many of us!


This potent hydrosol when used with intention can create a wonderful calm and relaxed feeling to journey inward for Vision and Insight. Great before bedtime but I advise to bring your journal with you.



4-6 drops in 1 oz of pure mountain water or one drop inside each ear or wrist


To Order: send $55.00 per 10 ml. bottle.  Includes shipping to:   Leelas Gems @ POB 1582 Sausalito CA 94966





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 The Divine play of Light through Gemstones


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